An advertising agency that does it all



We believe in Communication and that it really is the KEY. Communication has the power to give knowledge, to inform. Communication can also be used to make or break an opinion or a decision. With brands being born almost everyday, Communication today is in a fast-forward. And  it is quickly falling prey to the age old idiom  Round-Peg-Square-Hole.

For a client with unending options to choose from to fulfil his specific needs and wants, what is it about a service/product that can be communicated to him which will make him think, ‘Okay, I get this.’..? This is where we come in.


Flashback: 1970, the story unfolds..

The vision of one man crystallized into a thriving organization that was destined to grow, and keep growing. The man was Rajeev Gupta, our late Chairman and the founder of Airads Advertising Limited. With its characteristic pioneering spirit, Airads realized the importance of mass media and first made its foray into the relatively virgin field of audio-visual advertising which was practically in its infancy at that time. And soon, it made its mark in this field – with a string of successful commercials and publicity campaigns that familiarized millions of Indians with vital concepts like Family Planning, Small Savings etc. and a wide array of products ranging from packed tea, spices and eggs — to cosmetics, auto tyres and electronics. All in different languages and dialects that spurred motivation to buy and to adopt, with maximum effect. Subsequently, Airads spread its wings to other advertising media.

Fast Forward: A going concern..

Today we spearhead social and corporate campaigns, guided by the rich experience we have cultivated all these years.